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Unique Neon Inks

The worlds first solvent-based fluorescent inks

Visible Type Inks

Neon inks, eye
catching colour under normal lighting

High reliability and lower running cost

No special cleaning practices or complicated mechanisms are required to maintain Neon Inks

Backlight Posters and Banners

Neon inks glow under blacklighting

Two new special inks for the ColorPainter W series printers provide you with the ability to generate custom digital graphics for a whole new application - blacklight graphics! Introducing new Neon Yellow and Neon Pink, the world's first* solvent-based fluorescent inks for wide-format digital printing. These new inks expand the capability of any ColorPainter W series printer so they can create exciting new graphics for blacklight posters and banners in night clubs, casinos, laser tag facilities, bowling alleys, arcades, special events, parties, sporting venues, retail POP and amusement parks. Print UV fluorescent graphics today with your standard ColorPainter W printer on your standard solvent substrates - nothing could be easier! Why don't you help your business stand out with blacklight signs and graphics using the new Neon inks from Seiko?

Higher Speed Printing With Rich Color Density


Smart Nozzle Mapping re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue to print with perfect image quality. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Dynamic Dot Printing Technology controls and optimizes dot size to produce rich, bold and glossy colors with fine details. DDP also creates high density printing without any loss in speed, giving the ColorPainter M-64s backlit film capabilities. CLICK HERE FOR DIAGRAM

Third generation Smart Pass Technology automatically creates unique gradient overlaps between each printing pass to reduce or eliminate banding. SP3 maximizes image quality and offsets factors that negatively affect image quality when printing as high speed.

CP Manager software allows you to monitor printer status, change media and temperature settings, check ink levels, or see suggested maintenance. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

No cutter required

Now you don't need fluorescent vinyl and a cutter to place fluorescent letters on a photographic background, just print with new Neon inks with your ColorPainter W

Process colour with CMYK

Neon inks can also as a part of traditional CMYK "Process color". Mixing the two neon colors with other colors also gives a fluorescent effect to the other colors.

Visible Type Inks

Neon inks print stunning eye catching colour under normal lighting. Great for short term POP applications, special events and trade shows.

Glows under blacklight

Neon inks glow under blacklighting, so they are perfect for "Night Graphics" as they stand out in dark environments such as arcades, night clubs, casinos, pubs and special events.

Revolutionary IX Ink


4 or 6 Head Configuration Available 

Choose a  6 colour configuration for best image quality or a 4 colour configuration for lower costs.

Media Tension Mechanism

Tension mechanism controls the drag to keep it constant from the beginning of a roll to the end of a roll. This eliminates feed adjustments and keeps image quality maximized.



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